We are looking for partners, integrators and distributors!

Being flexible and open-minded company, we are always looking for the opportunity to join our forces with others. And while we endorse Cloud technology and methodology, we strongly believe, that it is highly important to have by your side somebody, who knows particular region, sector or simply can add some valuable specifics to the product delivery.

There are multiple options of partnership which you might be interested in.

First of all, we have a referral based partnership program. Simply help us to sign up a new customer and get a trail commission from the subscription fee. But it goes much further than the standard referral program. As a partner, you can drive the crafting of SalesAttach for the particular sector, region or even customer, you are working with. It can be particular reports, a specific integration or even the new functionality.

Got your own product? You can also integrate it with SalesAttach, using various APIs.

Want even more involvement? SalesAttach is a team specialising in development of various distributed systems. If you are looking for a technical partner capable to make your next brilliant app idea real, we will be happy to discuss the opportunity.

So, if you know your space and are looking for the reliable technical partner to work with, let's talk. With our technical expertise and your local commercial knowledge, we will keep customers even happier.


Sounds interesting? Drop us a line, maybe we have something to discuss.

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