Full-cycle management of Sales and Purchase orders. From Quotation to Shipping. Create back-orders, blanket orders or orders with multiple deliveries. Automatically track FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL deliveries.

In SalesAttach terms Order is more then just a document issued by a business to customer. Order is an entity which captures all aspects and details of relationship between Your Business and Your Customer for the particular Order. Beside traditional elements like order items or addresses, you can create notes linked to the Order, create back-orders, register Returns and track the whole Order life-cycle from Quote to Delivery.

Having all information about Sales and Purchase Orders in one place, gives the ability to perform some usually time consuming operations, like Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders, more efficient.

Manage back-orders and returns and be able to serve your customer up to the top standard and have the edge over your competitors.

Accumulate all order related information in one place, have a quick snapshot of your order situation and be in better position when communicating with your supplier.

Create a Blanket Orders and generate a smaller sales orders overtime. 

SalesAttach provides very flexible pricing capabilities. Create pricelist against customer or group of customers and product or group of products for the time period and quantity (volume) breaks.

Do partial order deliveries to different addresses potentialy using different shipping providers. Automatically track deliveries for FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL.